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What You Need To Do When In a Barcelona Shore Excursion

The number of tourists who go to Barcelona each year is numerous. Most of them get there when a shore excursion, as part of their journey. If you are among the people who get to Barcelona with a limited amount of time, then you are likely going to be overwhelmed by the numerous thing you can do in the country. However, you can get to have a great plan if you know how to have the perfect day. Some areas you should visit when you are on this excursion are provided in the article.

If you are looking for things to do; then you should go to La Sagrada Familia. This is a church that was designed by Antoni Gaudi. The building has been undergoing development for more than 100 years. When you get to see the La Sagrada Familia, you are sure to be taken aback by the approach that has been followed in the architecture of the church. You will continue to be moved when you get into the church and see its stained glass and the halls that never end. Additionally, it will be good if you could get to the church’s top using the lifts.

You should also take a visit to the Picasso Museum. Picasso has a massive collection of about 4000 art pieces found in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. It is possible for you to see all the pieces by having one ticket to the museum. Once you are in the museum, you are sure to feel the development Picasso made in his time as an artist. You can also get to enjoy some insight on the work he did by getting splurging on the audio tour.

You can also visit the Gothic Quarter during your shore excursion. There are times when you have very little time to spare during your excursion. If you enjoy looking at beautiful architecture and interesting people, then this is the right place to go. Taking a stroll in the Gothic Quarter while you munch on your snack is something you will enjoy. The Gothic Quarter is considered a medieval part of the country covered with beautiful markets, churches and plazas on the street. You cannot lack a great chance to take photos when you are in this location.

Any of the things you are going to do in Barcelona will be made better by the presence of snacks and drinks. You may not be looking to run from one site of attraction to the next but want to relax in the shade and enjoy your food. The two things in their category in Barcelona are drinking and eating. When you go to central Barcelona, you have a variety of eateries along the side walk that you could go into.