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Procedures for Covering Building Tops

The procedure of constructing a building’s roof is termed as roofing. Roofing is very essential in any building as it gives shade, provides a sense of security, gives the building a good look and protects from weather. There are many types of roofing structures that are done. The kind of roof to be used may depend on the structure’s intended use, which roofing materials are available, tastes and preferences among other factors.

Roofing materials, the roof construction and the durability of the materials are to be factored in before constructing a roof. The kinds of roofing materials commonly used are grass, iron sheets and concrete. These are also different when it comes to the cost, effectiveness and durability.

The major difference in roofs is usually whether they are flat or inclined. A roof that moves from a lower to a higher point is said to be pitched. A flat roof on the other hand is a roof that has no visible change of angle from one end to the other. The longevity of a roof is very vital given the fact that mending a roof or renewing it is not simple.

A roof is usually made up of two parts, the support and the outward material or structure. Robust and durable wood and metal are used to construct the supporting part of the roof. The outward part is usually the part seen from outside and it should also be durable. There are two major reasons for having a good roof on a building.

Covering is a cause factor for roofing a structure. Covering is a major duty of a roof and this covers a building’s inhabitants together with their possessions from climate elements. We have roofing materials that are very good at insulating such as grass used in thatched roofs. Extra insulating material is usually incorporated onto the inner side of a roof to give better insulation. Ceilings are some of the added insulation materials to a roof and are found underneath the roofing structure.

Another reason for constructing a roof is drainage. A roof should be constructed in such a way that it repels much water to the right place and in a suitable manner to avoid damage. A horizontal roof should have a considerable amount of slope which enables water to be directed away. In most cases a gutter, which is usually a duct or a designated trough that directs rain water from a structure is used. This water can either be directed to a safe place away from the building or even stored in tanks.

Solar roofing is common to provide power to a building by the use of solar panels on top of a roofing structure. Some solar systems on a roof structure are able to generate heated air and heated water. Solar panels can either be fixed on top of an existing building covering or put in to cover the building without any underlying roof.

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